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Thrilling Thursday: Inspired

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on
His faithfulness.
(Psalm 37:3 NKJV)

Last fall, I hosted a Thrilling Guest  for Thursdays, and I hope to have some old friends and new friends again this year.

I didn’t have time this week to invite anyone, so I thought I’d invite you to check out some inspiring blogs and an ezine that I’ve enjoyed recently.

1) I’d love you to come over to Three Way Light with Jody Collins on Wednesdays. She is hosting her first ever online Bible Study! Last year, she spent time dwelling in Psalm 37. And now she is sharing weekly insights on that Psalm, as well as challenging her readers to dig in the Word for themselves. She’s calling the study: ‘2TW squared’–Through the Word, Through the Week! Come join in as we discuss this rich Psalm at Jody’s blog.

Bible Study
2) Another writer/blogger, I’d like to introduce, is Kimberlee Conway Ireton. Her post today describes a glimpse into the process of writing as prayer. She also has a book that I recommend, which is titled, The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year.
It gives insight into the liturgy of the church year, as well as practical ways to participate in the various feasts and fasts of the year. I read her chapter on Epiphany about a week late, and I was pleasantly surprised with a new way (to me) of how to observe the feast. She shares a practice of blessing your home for the new year. (I will write more about that next week 🙂
3) I like to journal and I like to play around with art, so I often browse the art journaling and mixed media sites. I came across this monthly ezine edited and created by Amanda Fall at Persistent Green. The downloadable magazine is well worth the $6.00 cost. It is full of beautiful art, inspiring writing and prompts to jumpstart your own creativity. Check it out: Sprout! (Click on image to link over.)
4) Deep Calls Unto Deep is a journal prompt site created by Diane Ronzino from an encouraging word. She just recently started posting again. I was so excited when I saw a new post in my Google Reader Feed. She posts a Scripture and a thought to inspire your journal dialogue with God.
It’s always a joy to share. I hope you are inspired and encouraged!

2 responses to “Thrilling Thursday: Inspired”

  1. Kel, thanks for the mention here. You are so sweet; my heart's desire is to just get people into God's Word.That's so funny what you said about Kimberlee's book–I JUST read the Epiphany chapter yesterday and was going to email her. So many great thoughts in there.The ordinary time chapter has some simple and profound things in it, too. I'm so thankful for the Christian online writing community!

  2. Jody- Yes, this online writing community has been an unexpected benefit of committing to blogging on a regular basis. Keep listening and following God's desire for your heart! Blessings-KelI will read the Ordinary Time chapter soon 🙂

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