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Ordinary:The Regular Course of Things

We plan the way we want to live,
but only God makes us able to live it.
(Proverbs 16:9 The Message)

After the observance of Epiphany, the church calendar returns to Ordinary Time. Not plain time, but ordinal, as in numbering our days.

Last week, I was mulling over my word for the year:

As I considered desire, I recorded a list of seven desires for 2013 in my planner. Each word ended in the suffix of “–ation” or a form of it, which means the act of something. As I observed this commonality, my heart ignited with hope for intentional, creative action this year.


I often do not do what I want. My life has been formed more by oughts and shoulds, rather than wants. Caring for others drove my plans as a young mother. Today, with grown children, my planner is wide open for new adventures and uncharted territories.

So, the other day I courageously wrote in my journal, “I want to . .  .”

Saying, “I want to” out loud was quite liberating. (And saying “I don’t want to” can be just as freeing. Try it sometime.)

So here’s a glimpse into  some of my heart desires and creative pursuits for 2013:

I want to join a book club.

I want to participate in community theatre.

I want to take a yoga class.

I want to clean out the fridge.

I want to pray more for my friends.

I want to inspire creativity with others.

I want space to write.

I want to learn more.

I want to be an entrepreneur.

Some lofty aspirations, some recreational outlets and some ordinary tasks came to mind. But even the ordinary task of cleaning out the fridge felt more like joy than drudgery. I used to think saying “I want to” was selfish, but this little exercise showed me that wanting or desiring things can be very healthy and fulfilling. I feel like a tree flourishing in season, producing life for itself and others.

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10 responses to “Ordinary:The Regular Course of Things”

  1. Hi Kel! I'm visiting you from Only a Breath! I'm a theatre teacher and I am so excited for you to do community theatre!!! Also, if you are wanting to join a book club, I've started one on my blog…I just started my blog a couple weeks ago…so it's a little weak. But you are more than welcome to pop over and join me. 🙂 Bless!*Sarah*

  2. A notable quote on wanting…."Outside the will of God there's nothing I want. Inside the will of God there's nothing I fear." A W Tozer

  3. Great quote! The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I will check out your site and online book club. I signed up for the book club at our local library today…mission accomplished! I ran into my acting teacher (confirmation?) the other day after I declared my want and I am going to see if I want to audition for a spring play or help with costumes, she's also the costume designer. I found my love for theatre late in life…and now I have time to pursue these interests…

  5. I love that you desire to pray more for your friends! The Lord was very clear to me a few weeks ago about my lack of prayer in life, and when I felt burdened to pray for a specific friend, and asked her what I could specifically pray for her for, she almost cried because the Lord had burdened her for the VERY same thing. I love the confirmation and timing of God!

  6. Miss Kel–1) May God grant you the things you want as they honor him and I know you will!2)Your list of 'ation' words is powerful.I so love reading what you write.(I'll try to make the next monthly link up with my word 'Fit.')

  7. Yes…saying I want to has energized me to actually do some of the things I know are important as well as move forward on some of the fun things, too. Yes God prompts us and affirms us…I love that!

  8. Dear Jody- You are such an encouragement to me…I have a longer story to tell about the "ation" words, I hope to share it as we go along this year…I am thinking about blogging about each word on my list depending on how God weaves them into my daily life and thinking. I am looking forward to you Psalm 37 study tomorrow. I can't wait to see what God teaches you about being "Fit"

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