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Desire: Strong Intention or Aim

On the seventh day of Christmas my True Love gave to me,
seven synonyms for Desire.
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17 NIV)

Choosing one word for the year to inform my path. Others came up with the idea and so I wanted to try it this year. Here’s a link that gives tips on how to choose your word. It will be interesting to see how one word informs a year full of living and choosing and believing and breathing God’s word.

Desire (v): to long or hope for.
Seven Synonyms: Crave, Hunger, Long,
Thirst, Want, Wish, Yearn

Desire. That’s my one word. It comes from the Latin, “de-” (from) plus “sider, sidus” (heavenly body). From those roots, I reach out to the Maker of the heavenly lights, rooting my desire in Him. Asking that my desires this year be imbued with His perfection and goodness, knowing full well that my human desires may be tainted by selfishness and pain.
Desire. Disguised want. I wanted to choose “want” for my focal word, but it didn’t look or sound as nice as desire. Want defined comes out a little more on the half empty side; it has various nuances like to be needy or destitute or to be in need of. Lack would be a good synonym.
Desire. Want. Lack. What do these words have in common? An outside source that fulfills. Invitation to live with less than, to embrace my own neediness, to confess my destitute state, these truths compel me to stay near the Shepherd, who is good and promises me that I shall not be in want.

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6 responses to “Desire: Strong Intention or Aim”

  1. Kel, I'm glad you chose desire, rather than want (for the connotation I emailed you about). May I pray this verse for you from Ps. 20:4: May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.May He truly give you all the desires *He* places in your heart! My word is *vision*, and I am praying for God to open the eyes of my heart for all He has for me as well, so that I can best give to others. I know your desire revolves around His plans and how He will use your life to bless others.Happy New Year, Kel.Lynni

  2. Oh, Kel–staying near the Shepherd with you, who is good and promises us we shall not want. Yes and Amen!

  3. Lynni- Thank you for that prayer. I have been having a day of great joy feeding on words and the Word, as I think about desire and Jesus being the desire of my heart! I will be praying that He opens your eyes to all he has envisioned for you this year. Happy New Beginnings! Kel

  4. Jody- So glad to be in the same flock! I look forward to seeing where He leads each one of this year!

  5. Great word! I am praying for you in this area. My word is heart, to have a heart like God'

  6. Thanks for your prayers, Jenifer! I pray God will also give you His desires for your heart as you delight in Him! I love having this one word, because then I bump into it in Scripture or other blogs or books and its like God's saying hey look a left a note for you…check it out! I'll have to stop by and see what he's teaching you about "heart" Happy Blessed New Year!

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