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Prepare: To Get Ready

Advent{ures}: Let’s Go to Bethlehem


In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul.

(Psalm 94:19 NKJV)



Fifteen days ‘til Christmas. Does this fact cause elation or anxiety? Will I be ready for the celebrating, the family gatherings and the gift giving?

How does preparing cultivate peace? What comfort can I find in the practice of getting ready? And my mind turns to the invitation to take a spiritual journey to Bethlehem. Do I have the right provisions? What should I take with me? What mental action should I take to prepare myself for the arrival of yet another Christmas remembrance? Why am I observing these days? What if, I didn’t? Would peace mark my days or would I be full of flurry and activity and subsequent worry?

So many questions invade my Monday musings. I am reminded in the quiet of the morning that carving out stillness matters. It offers me moments of silence that nourish a greater need. More than the need for getting the perfect gift or to create a peaceful atmosphere, I need time with the Righteous One. He alone is the one who answers my quest, who creates a hunger and thirst in me that only He can quench.

I recall from the writings of Isaiah that a voice calls out, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” This use of prepare has a nuance of turning, a facing towards. Underneath the words is a cry for repentance. Turn towards the way of the Lord. A resounding chorus of my ways are not your ways, or my thoughts your thoughts.

Turn your thoughts to Me. I have prepared a place of rest for you. I came as a babe, I am here in the Spirit and I am coming again. Soon. So get ready. Prepare a meal for us to share. Prepare for battle because the days ahead are treacherous. Prepare to meet your Maker. Prepare to be jolted out of complacency and into action.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!



4 responses to “Prepare: To Get Ready”

  1. Ah prepare–to make ready beforehand! (I think of your "prepare your provisions" message, Kel). I am not always keen on preparation. I journaled on this when readying myself for a journaling retreat. Sometimes my preparations never end. But Christmas really will come, ready or not. In this I rejoice as I anticipate joy in my Savior's coming. I'm glad there was an end to God's preparation. The time was at last right. The silence ended. Jesus came. And our preparation for HIs second coming will one day end. I long for that day.

  2. Amen and amen! Well put! So be it! Maranatha!

  3. Lynn–I'm not whether to say, "Amen!" or "Oh, man!" at the end of that prayer. So powerful….

  4. Lynn………oy vey. K E L… sorry. (I was reading Lynn's comment's above.) 'Scuse me. 🙂

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