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Hope: To Cherish a Desire with Anticipation

Advent{ures}: Let’s Go to Bethlehem

Welcome to the Advent{ure}! We are on our way to Bethlehem, the house of bread, the little town where our Savior was born. Each week as we draw closer to our destination, I want to highlight the word of the week associated with Advent. This week we will feast on HOPE.
Here is a Scripture morsel to get us started. Yours to savor.

We wait in hope for the Lord;
He is our help and our shield.
In Him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in His holy name.
May Your unfailing love rest upon us,
O Lord,
even as we put our hope in You.
Psalm 33:20-21 NIV

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5 responses to “Hope: To Cherish a Desire with Anticipation”

  1. Linking up after you at The Sunday Community – what beautiful words from Psalm 33. Hope – so great to focus on this at the beginning of Advent.

  2. Cherry-Thanks for stopping by…yes hope is a rich gift that I often push aside for more immediate relief in mere morsels of momentary wishing for less than what God wants to offer me.

  3. What I love about Christian hope, Kel, is that it is an expectant relaity. It is not some pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, but it is real anticipation of a promise which God will fulfill. Thank you for filling us with His hope this Advent.Lovelynni

  4. Lynni – My hope is that God will take us deeper into his reality and promises this holy season…

  5. yes, Lord……think I'm going to go read that Psalm right now.:-)

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