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Let the Advent{ures} Begin

Sometimes the Advent season starts the Sunday after Thanksgiving. After checking the liturgical calendar, I discovered that Advent will not officially start until December 2nd this year.

So I have an extra week to prepare for Advent and so do you.


In the meantime, I am setting my heart on pilgrimage. 

Our destination is Bethlehem . . . the birth place of Jesus. How will we get there? What will we experience on the way? Who will we become as we journey once again through this sacred narrative?

Come, let’s visit this familiar story with open hearts.

4 responses to “Let the Advent{ures} Begin”

  1. Yes, actually it is four Sundays before Christmas. I love this Psalm, Kel, and my heart is journeying with you…….and journaling too. I"m taking an online journaling Advent adventure…..neat how advent is in the word adventure, huh?LoveLynni

  2. Lynni-My anticipation is building…I am so glad you are coming along for the journey…I would love to hear more about this journaling Advent adventure online…can you send a link 🙂

  3. Well, Kel, I'm glad I have another week to waint on focusing and being mindful about Advent.. Psalm 84:5 has been a theme in my life for about 5 years (I featured it in a couple of posts this summer–here's one: ( forward to what you have to share. Lead on!And may I say I am loving your book–reading the pages is like sitting down and having a conversation, getting to know you in a remarkable way….Wonderful!

  4. Jody- Good to hear from you! I love that verse in Psalm 84…the word pilgrimage inspires such hope in me for some reason…I will check out your post. So in awe of how God uses a book…I still have to pinch myself that I really did that :)Peace-Kel

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