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Stay Tuned

The rest of the week, I will be taking a break from blogging in order to celebrate Thanksgiving and prepare for the Advent{ures} ahead. Have a blessed time recalling the goodness of God
in the land of the living.

When I return, let’s go on an Advent{ure} together! I will begin a series for the Advent season called . . .
 Advent{ures}: Let’s Go to Bethlehem
When: Sunday, November 25 through Sunday, January 6
What: Recollections of the Nativity: Before, During and After
Where: Right here at Nourishment for the Soul
Why: To Renew Our Spirits

When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”
Luke 2:15 NIV

13 responses to “Stay Tuned”

  1. What a wonderful idea for a trip. I look fwd to journeying with you, Kel. I love these lines from that carol:No ear may hear His coming,But in this world of sin,Where meek souls will receive him still,The dear Christ enters in.O holy Child of BethlehemDescend to us, we prayCast out our sin and enter inBe born to us todayMay we make room in our hearts for Him to enter. May He be born in those who do not yet know him, and born anew in those who day. Thank you for making room in your inn-blog to honor him.LoveLynni

  2. Lynni- How I long for Jesus to cast out sin and continue to renew my heart, especially as we have this season to reflect on his birth…I look forward to the new lessons and paths He has in store as we glimpse back at that Holy Night in the Little Town of Bethlehem!Love and peace-Kel

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time away from blogging! Times of refreshment and inspiration are sure to be yours!

  4. Ooo. Great title for your series! Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. A blessed Thanksgiving to you, Kel! And I love your new series! It's going to be good! Enjoy your time away from blogging. We look forward to your inspiring words when you return.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…now I have more time to read and enjoy my family…

  7. Thanks, Diane! I look forward to dusting off my favorite advent devotions and maybe find a new one…thanks for making a dent in the lives of others. Have a blessed time with your family.

  8. Thanks I'm looking forward to see where God takes me in this series. Enjoy your thanksgiving time.

  9. Looking forward to Advent(uring) with you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  10. Hi Kel! This is Tammy, that friend of Tracy Boyd's you found online. It's nice to meet you and i look forward to reading more of you!

  11. Thanks Jody! Looking forward to the journey…

  12. Tammy-glad to meet you…I have been following your posts…I love your style and your journey resonates with me…

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