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Sweet: Not Sour, Rancid, Decaying or Stale; Wholesome

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How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than [candy] to my mouth!
Psalm 119:103 NIV
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7 responses to “Sweet: Not Sour, Rancid, Decaying or Stale; Wholesome”

  1. Looks like somebody was trick-or-treating! Actually, we left a big bowl of candy on the stoop w/ a note to take one. Well, words do count… what? Someone interpreted "one piece of candy" (my meaning) to one bowl-ful! I know they ripped the whole thing off. Yet, if my words are not sweet, I rip off someone the pleasure of blessing and a Christlike example. I ask you, Kel, which is worse! God bless you for sharing sweet words of wisdom and truth!Love,Lynni

  2. God's word is so satisfying!

  3. Lynni- Sorry that your candy was taken…but glad that you know the sweet word of God and display it beautifully in your manner and your words.

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