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Recall: To Bring Back to Mind

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
Psalm 84:5 NIV
 With the 31 Day Challenge completed, I continue on this journey to seek God as we approach the season of Advent. I am preparing provisions, spending time in solitude and recalling the goodness of God in the land of the living.

As we close in on the end of this year, my mind returns to this time last year. It always amazes me how much can change over twelve months. Last year this time, I was putting the finishing touches on a dream. I was in a flurry of activity. Finishing papers and studying for finals to complete my bachelor’s degree in English. Editing and formatting two books. The first being, a collection of poems, prose and art pieces published for Bellerive,the literary publication of Pierre Laclede Honors College. The second, my own self-published collection of devotions: Defining Moments: Overflowing with Living Words. To recall the vast array of accomplishments humbles me, because truly without God’s strength, I would never have dreamed of completing a degree and a book in the same year. (And not to mention that I still prepared and celebrated the holidays with gusto.)

This year has been a year of rest. A year of saying no to good things, in order to nestle into God’s goodness and wait. To taste and see that God is good in the midst of hard things. He carries us through in ways we never could imagine.

This time of year brings to mind the munificent provisions that have been bestowed upon us. God sees beforehand every single thing that we need. He knows exactly what will be best for us, even if we can’t see it for ourselves.

As we celebrate this season with gratitude, may the blessings of God restore your hope, peace and joy!
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6 responses to “Recall: To Bring Back to Mind”

  1. God has provided you with a wealth of words, wisdom, and warmth to share, Kel! May He continue to bless your preparations, and may He give you bold entrance into new territory!Love,Lynni

  2. Thanks Lynni- For your warm friendship…your words here today give me hope to keep moving forward step by step…Love-Kel

  3. What a difference 10 months can make. Take courage in your new journey…Blessings

  4. Kel, you have been so busy. God bless all your endeavors!

  5. Indeed God blesses us beyond our imaginations! Thanks-Diane!

  6. Thanks Betty, for the encouraging words.

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