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Trust: Assured Reliance on the Character, Ability, Strength, or Truth of

Intuition Diaries

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.
It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.
 Hebrews 6:19 NLT


A pattern is emerging this last week of the trip, a modified routine. We travel to the next port, then stay a day, travel and stay, travel and stay. We plan to head home by the end of the week.

 After a day and a half at Frankfort, we set out to Luddington State Park about 48 miles south to climb 130 steps to the top of Michigan’s tallest lighthouse, the Big Sable Point Light. The waves were fairly tame that morning, but we still took it slow to conserve gas. We planned to spend the night at a marina in Luddington, where we could see the Badger again. A 1950s era, steam engine car ferry, which we encountered entering the harbor of Manitowoc, WI.

S. S. Badger
The wind picked up, creating bigger waves, which kept us at our slow pace. The hazy sky made the sightseeing bland, not as crisp as the previous days. But even with these conditions we were able to admire the dunes marking the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

After lunch, we were closing in on our destination. I had a bit of a headache, and was beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to anchor offshore in 1-2 feet waves, while we wandered up to the lighthouse.

Les thought it was doable. I was hesitant. I was in unknown territory. Was it okay to anchor offshore from a state park? Would we get in trouble? (Irrational fears, I know.) But my biggest question centered on a trust issue? Would the anchor hold?

We dropped the anchor in three feet of turbulent water. The boat was rocking erratically and I was panicking. The boat was doing its job. The waves were being waves, but I just didn’t believe that the anchor would hold the boat in one spot. Les reassured me that it would be fine. So I reluctantly climbed off the boat into the lake and waded to shore, while our dear boat was tossing in the waves.
I revoiced my concern about whether the anchor would really hold. Les nonchalantly remarked, “It held the last sixty times we used it, why would it not hold this time?”
I mumbled, “I dunno.” We continued our walk up the beach to the lighthouse.

We climbed up the 130 steps, enjoyed spectacular views, saw our boat rolling gently on the waves from high above the lake . After viewing the vast landscape, we climbed back down the 130 steps, and headed back along the shore to the boat, which was right where we left it.


Our anchor held!

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