8 thoughts on “Faithful: Steadfast in Affection

  1. Kel, I saw your comment and popped over! SO amazing that you dreamed of an Octopus..God speaks to us through dreams, and one another! Somehow He puts it altogether by His Spirit. Amazing to me. I see you are going to Jumping Tandem! Oh, maybe next time for me! I feel a connection to you, Sister! Will read your nourishment posts…

  2. Dawn, thanks for popping over. I hope you are well with the storm and all…I would like to dialogue more about your octopus analogy. Yes, there is a connection…we both love journaling and living a victorious life!

  3. Oh, hallelujah! Truly one of my favorite verses–after a 'terrible, horrible, no good very bad day' this is a joy to remember. (Today was NOT one of those days, bless God……..but I've had far too many to recall.)

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