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Thrilling Guest Thursday: Elizabeth Anne May

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another sister of the soul: Elizabeth Anne May. She blogs over at Seasons with Soul. I love the seasons and I’m all about nourishing the soul. Elizabeth offers food for your soul, body and mind.
She recently relaunched her blog with a week’s worth of giveaways. And today, she posted a great recipe in her Fall Flavors recipe series. Click on the highlighted words to find out what’s new at Seasons with Soul. Please leave Elizabeth a comment to let her know you were visiting today. It makes a blogger smile, when you drop us a word. Thanks-Kel
Read here in her own words why she decided to join the blogosphere:
I started Seasons with Soul because I’m on a personal journey toward more intentional living that I’d like to share with you.

While I’m still figuring it all out (and probably always will be), intentional living looks something like this for me:

Choosing to live and love in harmony with God’s will and my life priorities.

Choosing reflective over reactive.

Choosing creative over fastidious.

I’m choosing to live in season. Choosing to do what’s right in this stage, or season, of my life like Ecclesiastes 3:1 says. Choosing to jump in a pile of leaves with my kids, over organizing my basement. Choosing to blow bubbles with my two-year-old over doing dishes.

I’m passionate about seasonal living and celebrating the beauty of God’s world. I talk about my childhood growing up on a small farm in Southeastern Ohio in my first post, back in August, and how each season had its own charm and how we reveled in it. Now, I share my love of nature in each season with my own family. We’re avid cooks, gardeners, hikers, crafters, and photographers, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you.

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6 responses to “Thrilling Guest Thursday: Elizabeth Anne May”

  1. Kel: Thanks so much for featuring me today and for the nourishment you provide for the soul here too, on your blog 🙂

  2. Great to have you…I look forward to more of your beautiful posts for the seasons of the soul

  3. Off to a great start in blogging

  4. Beautiful blog…beautiful woman…we are a.big bag of contradictions…aren't we? That's what makes us so fascinating and brings so.much.depth to our being. Looking forward to getting to know you even deeper Elizabeth Ann as I follow your blog! Bless you!

  5. Thanks so much! Blessings, Elizabeth

  6. Robert: I appreciate your kind words!Best, Elizabeth

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