Welcome:To Accept with Pleasure the Presence of

Welcome to my world. The sign on my front door beckons. Come in and see. I have a place for you, set at the table. I want to share a meal. A conversation.

What will we talk about? Well, first I want to say I love you. And I hope you still love me as much as you did when we first met. I hope you love me more and more. The more we spend time together; I want to reveal my thoughts and intentions to you.

When you enter my world, you can leave your cares behind. I want you to have a carefree life. I went where you could never go, so that you could be welcome forever in my realm.

Now you have concerns, then you will experience joy unending.

The same way I have welcomed you, so you must also welcome others.

Thanks for stopping by, you are always wanted here. When you leave make sure you leave the door unlocked. I never shut you out, but I know you have to go back out to your world for now. One day, I will come back, and usher you into the scenes of glory like John described.

Then we will let out all the stops. You will join the chorus of “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

I can’t wait to gather everyone together in one welcoming place. Remember, I always love you!

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