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Relevant: Having Significant and Demonstrable Bearing on the Matter at Hand

There is only one thing worth being concerned about.
Luke 10:42a NLT

Last Thursday, I was asking questions about blogging. Basically, my questions distilled down to this one question: How relevant is blogging?

I haven’t come to a conclusive answer, but my recent adventures blogging here and researching other blogs and bloggers, and taking a blogging seminar at the Daybreak Women’s Conference this past Saturday seem to be pointing to a two-fold answer:

Community and Purpose

Women are looking for community, a place to share ideas, struggles and answers that resonate with them. By blogging, women are finding a voice and purposing to encourage others to find their voice, too.

So far, my journey seems somewhat serendipitous. I decided to blog a few years back because it was a way to share my musings with my friends, and hopefully a few other readers out there. I was sporadic.

After months, a significant vacation and time set aside to contemplate my vocation, I have returned to blogging. A place where a writer can write and where readers can read.

While exploring this new frontier, Lynn D. Morrissey, has been like a scout, forwarding me blogs that she finds significant. I would go check them out. One day I came across Jumping Tandem. I read a side blog about cairns. I kept seeing her site referred to by others. And then one day she invited the blog community to DREAM.

Jumping Tandem: The Retreat





Today, I signed up to go on this retreat in April 2013 to further explore the purposes of blogging and meet some of the community in person. Three reasons that I’m going:

As soon as I read about it, my spirit was quickened and I felt INVITED by God.

I told my sister, Gillian, aka Juniper Gillian, about it and she jumped at the opportunity. I checked my email this morning and she had already registered.

I met another blogger in person at the Daybreak conference this weekend. Mary Carver, who happens to be part of this same community. She writes at her own blog and (in)courage.(Small world, even in the blogosphere)

A third purpose of blogging in this particular community is to uplift the name of Jesus. I want to choose the good portion. To sit under His teaching, and then invite others to join me through this place of feeding on words…and the main entrée: His WORD.

The Sovereign Lordhas given me an instructed tongue,to know the word that sustains the weary.
He wakens me morning by morning,
wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.
Isaiah 50:4 NIV
You feed them from the abundance of your own house,
letting them drink from your river of delights.
For you are the fountain of life,
the light by which we see.
Psalm 36:8-9 ESV




2 responses to “Relevant: Having Significant and Demonstrable Bearing on the Matter at Hand”

  1. Well, I've been called a few things, Kel, but never a scout! I love it. Thank you for the fine compliment, and it has been a great joy for me to find these wonderful authors and pass them along to another wonderful author–YOU! I'm excited that God is leading you to the new horizon of Nebraska. Maybe I will be able to go to! Onward!Love, Lynni

  2. Lynni- hurray for new frontiers… New horizons will be ours as we go to the Jumping Tandem Retreat…I am so excited about our band of explorer-dreamers going to Nebraska next April'

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