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Window: A Means of Entrance or Access

When I look out this window, what do I see?

Every beautiful thing, Lord, which you have done for me.

The earth, the moon, the stars, the sea;

Every quirky friend, each member of my family.

The times of plenty and the times of need,

When I was sowing, and you were planting seed.

The song of the bird and the wind in the tree,

The mountain in the sky and the valley down below.

Everything you thought of too great for me to know.

Even the suffering and things of misery,

All you have allowed, so your glory I can be.

When I look out this window,

I’m in awe of what I see,

Your simple pleasures and awesome majesty.

O, God, you humble me.


“The View from My Kitchen Window”

April 19, 2012

To Kel, with true love,

Earlier this year, my husband and I were out exploring the Mississippi River on our boat. We were moored to a floating barge near Kimmswick, MO. We were at Hoppie’s Marina, a famous stopping point on the river. Many boaters who travel the Great Loop stop there for gas before they head down river to Kentucky. I was doing the dishes after dinner, and as I looked out the little window the wide, rolling river carried my cares away. In that moment, I remembered how I often wished I had a window over my kitchen sink back home. I have always wanted to gaze upon a calming scene, while I did the dishes. That day on the river, I marvelled at God and this gift to see so many new scenes out the window of the boat. (Having a boat, was a mid-life, surprise venture that we decided to embark on about three years ago. Beyond my wildest dreams of where the future would take us.) I snapped the picture to try to capture that moment. I texted my friend, Kelly, because she loves nature and I knew she would share my awe. She sent me a poem to remind me that the window of our soul has so much to rejoice and reflect upon. Thanks, Kelly!
The moorings at Hoppie’s marina


6 responses to “Window: A Means of Entrance or Access”

  1. Stopping by from OYHT what a lovely poem and reminder! Blessings on your day!

  2. Hi Kelly! Way to go! What a lovely poem, and "window" would be a great writing prompt for everyone. Kelly, I think you have moved Thrilling Thursday to Tuesday w/ your lovely post!LoveLynni

  3. Yes today I combined Tuesday's pic with this great poem…hopefully Kelly will have something for us again soon on Thrilling Thursdays…

  4. What a beautiful poem and a reminder. Beautiful images as well. Stopping by from OYHT. Have a blessed day

  5. "When you were sowing, I was planting seed." Love that. So enjoyed the poem.

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