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Thrilling Guest Thursdays

Today I am going to introduce you to several bloggers that I have been following lately…

To journey over to their blogs…

Click on the button or the title of their blog.

(These two bloggers have beautiful words and photos to contemplate)

Writing…Apples of Gold (A great resource for those needing a writer for both business and devotional needs)

Sustainable Christianity (My favorite blog about discipleship and the church)

A Holy Experience (Lyrical prose contemplations about gratitutude)

Daisy Yellow (A great site if you want to try Art Journaling)

I know this is an ecclectic list, but would you expect anything less.


7 responses to “Thrilling Guest Thursdays”

  1. Kel, I think it is wonderful that you see yourself as a "connector." We're all in this together, and when we love the Lord, we naturally love others. There is no competition. We can all celebrate each other's gifts. Thank you for sharing here the beautiful gifts of other women artists–like you! =]Blessings,Lynni

  2. Thank you, Kel! So nice of you 🙂

  3. Yes, some of these blogs have been a blessing to me, too. Thanks for the list.Also, thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. I saw on your profile that you live near St.Louis — we are neighbors! I live about 2 hours south of there! Nice to meet you, neighbor, on this world wide web. 🙂

  4. Lynni gets the credit for introducing me to a couple of these bloggers. Pam it is a joy to share each other's gifts! Kelli- I read your blog yesterday at Ann Voskamp's place…I loved your story about your son reading the Bible…and your mother's heart. Glad to meet you neighbor! Everybody go check out Kelli's blog: Chronicles of Grace at

  5. Kel, thanks for your kind words! I've enjoyed reading your thoughts as well. Keep up the good work!

  6. Kevin-I appreciate the wisdom and frank, forthright attitude about discipleship, church and marriage. Our boys are in their twenties now, and I have been forwarding your posts to them to prepare them for future relationships and to encourage them as they seek leadership roles in church and our community. It's great to hear where God has taken you and your family. Congrats on twenty years! We hit twenty-five last year.

  7. Kei, what a wonderful surprise I received this morning! Thank you so much for "featuring" an encouraging word on your blog. What a blessing!I am blessed, thank you!

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