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Wonder: Rapt Attention

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
where morning dawns, where evening fades,
you call forth songs of joy.

Psalm 65:8

The Intuition Diaries 

Another morning has dawned, and soon the evening will fade. We have enjoyed another spectacular day out on Lake Michigan. Once out of the harbor of Port Washington, we knew we had a choppy ride ahead. I remembered that I could move our dinette seat and make a forward facing seat, much better way to observe the wonders of the lake. I knew we would see more lighthouses, but I wasn’t expecting all the silos. On the coast of Wisconsin, the farms sit above the lake on the bluffs overlooking the water.

We went past Sheboygan making our way to Manitowoc, one port of S. S. Badger, a steam driven car ferry from the 1950s that goes between Michigan and Wisconsin, across the lake each day. We weren’t sure if we would see the famous boat. Wonder of wonders, it was arriving at the harbor at the same time we were approaching. It was pretty daunting to work our way into the harbor without getting in its way. Courteous as we are, we pulled back the throttle and gave way for the legend.

S. S. Badger


As we were bouncing our way over the lake to Manitowoc, I was thinking.

Yep, I really can’t stop. But this time I was wondering. (My sister’s Facebook status has “wonder” as her occupation.) Oh, to be occupied with wonder! As I was recalling her clever status, one thought led to another.

I thought of all the things that cause wonder, like the clouds in the sky. How do they hang there and why do they come in so many shapes? I know there are scientific reasons, but I was wondering if God delights in making them so varied or if some days He decides to have a cloud art class with the angels and they hang them in the sky for us to observe. Silly– sure, but fun to think about.

God has given us so many ways to be occupied with wonder. We can marvel at the feats of history, like the fact that during WWII, a small community in Manitowoc, WI, made submarines. Les was able to tour one today, while I was surprised by another one of God’s wonders. (Have you ever noticed how God times things in such a way that we know He is thinking of us?)

One of my desires while on this trip was to buy fresh produce from a farm stand, rather than the grocery store. Wonder of wonders, the Farmer’s Market was open right across the bridge from where Les was touring the submarine. I walked over. I browsed each booth, and then bought some fresh peaches, cherries and raspberries, as well as corn on the cob, a bunch of carrots and string beans. God knew where we would be on our itinerary, which by the way was one day behind. So here we were in Manitowoc on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, and the market is only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

That evening, we grilled chicken, zucchini, summer squash and peaches on the grill with a wonderful view of the lake and the Manitowoc lighthouse. Another wonder-filled day with the God of the universe directing our way!


4 responses to “Wonder: Rapt Attention”

  1. God's wonder and glory are all around us–there for the observing and taking, if we will but have eyes to see. So glad you had this wonder-filled vacation, and my mouth is watering over that dinner. You reminded me that as I child I visited Manitowoc, and recall a darling soda fountain and delicious ice-cream malts. Thanks for prompting that memory!

  2. I loved your image of God's art cloud class!! Sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad it was so refreshing with His wonder! 🙂 I love finding it all around me too…

  3. Hi Kei, my name is Diane and I came over at Pam's recommendation. (Thank you, Pam!)Isn't it so neat that God would arrange for you to be a day late, just so you could be by a Farmer's Market? I stand in wonder at His intimacy with us; His delight in blessing us with these kinds of moments.Have a wonderful day!

  4. Diane- Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog, too. I love the design and I want to explore your journaling devotions as I love to keep a journal. I have just started reaching out to other bloggers…it's so encouraging. I have blogged over the years, but this time I am trying a 5 day a week format with various topics…on Tuesday's I post a photo to spark conversation…just like your cat and dog post…I love the sequence.

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