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Tuesday’s Pic

I would love to hear your responses to this photo. I took it while we were on Lake Michigan this summer.

7 responses to “Tuesday’s Pic”

  1. abandonment, purposeless, unloved

  2. My first reaction was the similarity between the dying trees and the decaying ship. It's sure been a hard season for all of us. At one time that boat was someone's dream, someone's creation, someone's livelihood – and then someone's headache. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens….Ecclesiastes 3:1

  3. I noticed the similarity between the dying trees and decaying ship, too. And I see the abandoment, but upon further looking I noticed the water surrounding the boat, which made me think not everything is dried out and rotting in my life…also if you look real close there's a sailboat next to the wreck…I guess someone thought the wreck was worth exploring…I wonder what they were hoping to discover…sometimes the treasures of life are buried under the wreckage.

  4. Lynn and Pam- Glad you found this encouraging. You ladies are Wonderful!

  5. Such beautiful photography, love the scene, yes god does leave us bedazzled everytime.

  6. Thank you Hadiyah…I love taking pictures…I was blessed to be able to take this picture from our boat…so we could get fairly close to the wrecked ship.

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