7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Pic

  1. My first reaction was the similarity between the dying trees and the decaying ship. It's sure been a hard season for all of us. At one time that boat was someone's dream, someone's creation, someone's livelihood – and then someone's headache. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens….Ecclesiastes 3:1

  2. I noticed the similarity between the dying trees and decaying ship, too. And I see the abandoment, but upon further looking I noticed the water surrounding the boat, which made me think not everything is dried out and rotting in my life…also if you look real close there's a sailboat next to the wreck…I guess someone thought the wreck was worth exploring…I wonder what they were hoping to discover…sometimes the treasures of life are buried under the wreckage.

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