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Thrilling Guest Thursday: Jill Carattini

This week I am introducing you to a writer that I only know through her postings on A Slice of Infinity, which is part of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministry. I subscribe to the daily blogs that are generated by his ministry. Jill Carattini is a regular contributor. She links literature and life experiences to spiritual lessons. No wonder I enjoy her posts. This week my friend Marijo, who also enjoys A Slice of Infinity, encouraged me to read this post.

Click on In the Room to read this inspiring story that reminds us that God often surprises us with His presence.

Last night I attended a worship service, and we sang a song unfamiliar to me. The opening lyrics echoed what I had read in this post: “We wait for You. We wait for You. We wait for You to walk in the room.” Doesn’t your heart race when you are waiting for someone special to arrive? That’s how I felt last night waiting, looking around the sanctuary, longing for Jesus to enter the room. He did enter by the invisible presence of His Spirit. But oh, how I long for the day when he arrives in the clouds. When we all will see him in all His glory! Come, Lord Jesus, Come! I want to live expecting Jesus to arrive at any moment. I revel in the fact that I can experience His presence now, and I long for the day when this life is over and a whole NEW life begins with Jesus forever!

The title of the worship song is We Wait for You (Shekinah Glory Come)

3 responses to “Thrilling Guest Thursday: Jill Carattini”

  1. Thank you for sharing from the real events in your life, Kel, and for sharing the hope of Jesus' return. We need to know that He is both with us and one day will return, bodily, for us! Glory! Thank you for sharing Jill's words. What a wonderful writer (like you)! She reminds me of something about which I have been pondering much of late….that Jesus is very present with us, even when we don't see or recognize him….as w/ Jacob, and think of those disciples on the road to Emmaus! I am asking for eyes to see and recognize Jesus. I am asking for Him to open the eyes of my heart so that I can see Him in His glory. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lynni- Thank you for your kind words. Yes, too often I am so wrapped up in this world and its offerings that I forget that I belong to Jesus and His world! Worship always redirects my heart back to Him. Some time I would love for you to be our Thrilling Guest…let me know if you'd like to share a devotion or poem with the nourishsoul community. 🙂

  3. Kel, I always so appreciate how you turn our hearts to Jesus and worshiping Him. Bless you. And wow! What a lovely invitation. THank you. I would love to.

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