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Turning Point: A Point at Which a Significant Change Occurs

Monday Musings

This is what the Lord says—
your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the Lord your God,
who teaches you what is best for you,
who directs you in the way you should go.

(Isaiah 48:17)

Significant change can occur instantly or over time. I have been travelling to this particular turning point over the past twenty-four years. I remember the day the journey started, July 29, 1988, the day Kurtis John Rohlf arrived into our lives. Our first baby, and a couple years later another boy joined us, Bradley Keith Rohlf. Each arrival changed our lives, bringing joy and heartache and fears and hopes. Today they are young men, sharing an apartment and seeking their destinies.

Their departure finds hubby and me alone, with time and space and new challenges and dreams awaiting us. Last year, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in English. My turning point has arrived. I am moving towards a new season of pursuing a road I left behind when I chose to have a family. The road up to this point has prepared me for the next part of the journey.

Trust has been the foundation of this journey. Trust in a Savior, called Jesus-Emmanuel-God-with-us, the one who never leaves or forsakes me. My constant companion at each turn, this God-Man communicates unfailing love to me daily. And not only to me, but He loves every person in this whole wide world.

I got a glimpse of Jesus loving my nephew, Peter, recently. We were at our local water park. One of the highlights of the park is the lazy river, so our first visit there this summer, we gathered my nieces and nephews and a few tubes to float away our cares. The three younger ones each fell off their tubes, and Peter refused to return to the lazy river the rest of the summer. Peter is almost seven. He has a twin brother, an older sister (11) and a younger sister (5). They moved to our neighborhood recently, bringing much joy to us.

Just before school started, we decided to have another family outing at the water park. Everyone else wanted to go in the lazy river. Peter was reluctant to go. While the others lazed around the river, I decided to coax him one last time to try it again. They have double tubes, so I reassured him that I would go with him. He finally agreed, when I said he could bring his goggles. Just before we stepped down the step and into the tube, Peter stopped in his tracks. He placed his hands together and stated simply: “I’m going to pray.” He asked God to not let him fall out of his tube. I smiled and hoisted him on the tube. His anxiety returned, and he took a breath counting to ten out loud. I settled into the tube next to him, and pushed us off into the lazy river. Peter took another breath counting to ten again. (I was pleased that he was counting because I taught him this technique that I learned from a friend. She told me that counting to ten is not just a technique to calm down, but the task actually engages our rational side of the brain, thus overriding our emotional responses. Try it, and see how it works.)

We were on the lazy river, Peter resting calmly on his side of the tube with his arms propped behind his head; classic relaxed pose. It was a mere few minutes after his prayer and counting exercise that he remarked “I trust God with my whole life.” What joy! This confession birthed out of his rational mind brought me renewed hope. It is a rational choice to trust God! And the emotions follow—peace, hope and joy!

I will mark that afternoon as a turning point for Peter and me the rest of my whole life! By the way, Peter didn’t fall into the lazy river that day. He actually got the courage to hold on to the sides of the tube and dunk his goggled face under the water. J

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