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Hope: To Expect with Confidence

Shattered Hope. Broken down ideas about life. What will restore my hope?
An Empty Tomb!
And the Empty Cross becomes an emblem for more HOPE!
I have been silent these past forty days. Not on purpose. Life just took over. I was observing Lent. I didn’t plan to fast from blogging, but it happened. I did give something up. I chose to “Be not anxious.” My hope in giving up anxious thoughts was to replace them with peaceful ones. The challenging thing about giving something up and asking God to replace it with something else is that you have to practice.
Often over the past forty days, I was bombarded with anxiety producing situations. How did I do? Sometimes I yielded my anxious attitude to God’s peace, and other times I failed.
It has been a journey. And today I woke up before the sun to capture some moments on my camera. I didn’t see the sun rise, but I did see the moon reflecting the sun.

Sara Groves sings a song about how the moon reflects the sun on her album, Add to the Beauty. The song is called You are the Sun. Her lyrics give me restored hope, not in my ability to do anything, but the hope that as God’s love shines on me it will be reflected in my life.
You are the sun shining down on everyone
Light of the world giving light to everything I see
Beauty so brilliant I can hardly take it in
And everywhere you are is warmth and light

And I am the moon with no light of my own
Still you have made me to shine
And as I glow in this cold dark night
I know I can’t be a light unless I turn my face to you

(Lyrics from You are the Sun by Sara Groves)

One response to “Hope: To Expect with Confidence”

  1. Oh wow – i happened to stumble onto your blog looking for a shattered hope image – what an amazing blog… Be blessed always!

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