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Fallow: The Tilling of Land without Sowing it for a Season

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven . . .” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

“A field that has rested gives a bountiful harvest.” Ovid.
I am not a farmer, but the idea of a fallow field intrigues me. There is purpose to leaving a field fallow. In its simplest sense fallow means plowed land, but why it is plowed seems to be of some importance. It is not plowed for planting, but for resting.
Christmastide ended on January 6th with the celebration of the Feast of Epiphany. We have now entered Ordinary Time. Winter beckons. A season of rest appeals to me. Usually, I lament the passing of winter, chafing for spring, longing for summer and harvest time. But this year I am content, there is a deep yearning for Sabbath. Not hibernating, but recuperating, allowing my soul time and space to breathe. This is my season to prepare for cultivation and growth, so that in the summer I may flourish and in autumn reap a bountiful harvest.
Today, January 9, 2012, I am declaring for myself a season of simplicity, frugality and tenacity of purpose. In forty-five days, the season of Lent will arrive. During these days, I intend to stay home more, to drive less, to invite friends over for coffee in my kitchen, instead of Starbucks, as well as to read, reflect and blog. I am proclaiming a sabbatical of sorts, not a pilgrimage to the monastery, but a cloistering in my home and my heart in order to prepare my provisions to take possession of the next season of life (Joshua 1:10-11).
My nest is empty, my English degree is complete, my words are published, my life is wide open for New Frontiers. New Frontiers will be a God initiated movement toward authenticity in my own life, which I hope will overflow and inspire the same for others. It may look like a blog site with daily thoughts or coffee on Thursday mornings in my kitchen or collage art or a day retreat or another book. This frontier of my life has yet to be explored and documented.
As you feel drawn into the adventure of living, won’t you join me on this journey of knowing God and sharing His grace with others?
For now this initiative will look like a fallow field. No growth, just resting and waiting for spring planting. In the meantime, the weeds will be frozen out and the soil will soak up the winter moisture.
In coming days, I desire to blog about God, words and other interesting topics. Stay attentive to Nourishment for the Soul. A place to feed on words, as we embrace the solace of Winter.

2 responses to “Fallow: The Tilling of Land without Sowing it for a Season”

  1. Kel, Have I told you about my conversation with James about the plowed fields. When the field is plowed roughly this allows the earth to freeze. Through freezing and thawing the earth is prepared for spring planting. Nutrients from last year's harvest are broken down and the discing before planting further mixes the soil. As I enjoyed the cycles of the farm, I especially loved the fallow season and all the more when I learned this fact. Rest and ready yourself for the next season.Love,Jill

  2. Thanks JG…I love how the winter prepares us for spring…I used to hate it but I feel more at ease with winter these days…

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