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Feast: Something That Gives Unusual or Abundant Enjoyment

“These are the LORD’s appointed feasts,
the sacred assemblies you are to proclaim at their appointed times.”
(Leviticus 23:4 NIV)
Last Sunday inaugurated a new year. The new liturgical year or as some call it the church calendar starts with Advent. My welcoming of this holy season has been slow. In between resting from a cold and going to classes, I snatch a few moments here and there to contemplate the upcoming feast of Christmas. Remembering, recounting, retelling the beautiful story of a child born into our world brings comfort to my soul.
We will be feasting on favorite foods, traditional candies and cookies and the home baked gifts from friends. Sharing food together brings abundant enjoyment. Today I had the joy of going with a dear friend to a farmers’ market. The fresh produce stacked on tables, colorful cauliflower of orange, white and violet; along with homemade pies and fresh roasted coffee beans were available. We each bought a bunch of carrots. We sampled the coffee and chatted with the vendors like new found, yet old friends. I bought a small pear apple pie to feast on tonight with my family.
These are the sweet little feasts that bring me material joy. In the same sense, I desire little feasts for my spirit and for yours this season, like lingering on a portion of Scripture that draws us closer to the heart of God or offering a little devotional book to hold in our hands. I want to stir up an appetite for the goodness of God and feasting on His grace, instead of the gloom and worries of life. May we often take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world pressing in around us. To enjoy the blessing of presence, the sharing of a meal and celebrating the Giver, these are my idea of a feast.

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