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Kairos: Opportune or Seasonable Time

“Every present moment is well-rooted in the past…. God, you see, is God of history: weaving its past and its future together; designing the times by overseeing the intricate patterns of human events; granting meaning to the whole of humankind, and thereby making any single moment, also, incandescent with meaning.” -excerpt from Preparing for Jesus by Walter Wangerin, Jr

For Jesus doesn’t change —
yesterday, today, tomorrow,
he’s always totally himself.
Hebrews 13:8 The Message

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate a holiday year after year? What is it in the remembering that comforts us or brings us joy? As we approach Christmas, we pull out our traditions and our favorite cookie recipes. We gather those around us that we love, those we desire to share moments of awe and peace.

From a spiritual perspective, I enjoy revisiting the story of Christ’s birth because it reminds me that He doesn’t change. As The Message puts is “he’s always totally himself.” I love that phrasing, and as my family grows up,the boys are 19 and 21 now, traditions are changing and some decorations remain in the attic, but the truth of God with us never changes.

Let’s cling to His unfailing, unchanging love this season.

Earlier this year Finlay Fields, a band that our son drums with, wrote a song about the never changingness of Christ. Click on the band name to check out the song titled: All You’ve Done

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