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Gloria in Exclesis Deo

“Glory to God in the Highest” is a refrain we hear often this time of the year either in the familiar Latin refrain in the carol, or as the account of Christ’s birth is read from the book of Luke. Yet this could be the daily cry of my heart when I reflect upon the mystery of the God-Child being born into our midst, maturing into a man, who humbly gave his life so that we might be forgiven and renewed and restored in relationship with our Heavenly creative Father.

To give God the credit for my life, to honor His reputation-this is the desire of my heart as I walk into the next year with new possibilities and fresh chances to live my life for the One who made me and knows me so well. As I reflect over this past year, I also want to shout, “Glory to God in the Highest”! It never ceases to amaze me how much goes on in one’s life during the 365 days we label a year. Why we mark the years is another mystery to me, but it is sobering to contemplate the myriad of breathes I took this year, the serious and not so serious conversations, the moment by moment decisions, the musings of my heart, the actual accomplishments-both mundane and marvelous. All these are gifts from God. I cannot even begin to express the amazement at the opportunities I have been given this past year to either succeed or fail, to grow bitter or to forgive, to mistreat or to love, to offer compassion or to resent. The choice to live or to let the death grip of sin suffocate my heart is there every day. I can only give the glory to God for keeping me in His grace, and giving me the strength to overcome temptations and the humility to admit my wrongs.

Glory indeed!

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Hi! My name is Kel Rohlf. I am an intuitive mixed-media artist, creative writer and performer. Life is a performance. I often attend.


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