Day Two



The new year is often likened to a blank canvas. A blank canvas rested in my art studio. This excited me, because I woke up thinking of how I might use it. In the past when, I had a quality canvas to create with, I hesitated. I didn't want to ruin it. I wanted to save it for something important or special. 

I pulled out my quality Italian easel that I got at a garage sale for mere pennies in comparison to its original cost. I placed my treasured blank canvas on the easel. I spent most of the day just sitting with it, watching the shadows play across its face as the sunlight shifted throughout the day. I took some photos. I didn't write about it until now.

About middday, I decided to paint with my leftover morning coffee. The liquid dribbled down the canvas leaving a subtle tint. 
What if I added one layer or element to the canvas for the next 365 days? And just like a whole year stretching out before me the blank canvas invites me to participate and practice. To wait and see what each day will bring. (If you'd like to watch what emerges follow me at Instagram: kelrohlf.)

Here's a glimpse at Day Two.
photo taken around 7:30am on January 2, 2016
an hour later the sun inspired me to trace the lighted shapes with a pencil
No promises, but I'll try to document the process here every few days or so for my own record, and possibly to inspire you to choose your own daily practice.


06/23/2016 8:42am

It's a very interesting approach to place stroke on the blank canvas by passing each day of the year. The mood and time is changed by every crossing day. it's creative and very unique.

04/19/2017 9:17am

I want to learn how to paint. I did follow some online tutorials about it, at first it's easy to follow the tips and steps they are saying. But as time passes by, it's getting a little bit hard because you want for yourself to paint something you like. You wanted to experience to paint and express your opinion about it. For me it doesn't have to be perfect because whatever the outcome will be, it is still a style and art. There is a reason why does your output look like that.

09/10/2016 6:47am

I will be very interested to see the developments on this particular one. It takes enough courage to even think about starting this. So if you can follow thru this regularly, I will be a very huge fan. There are a thousand distractions that can appear in a year's time. Congratulations in advance. I know you can do this well.


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