Thirty-one days in a row, I showed up to the canvas. And THIS emerged! I am overwhelmed with awe. I have learned that one day at a time really works. I am not as concerned about the rest of the year. Although I did find myself sad that January is over, a strange new emotion for me. Usually I rush this month and push through it to get to the warmer seasons ahead.

What caused this sadness? A parting grief, because the canvas will never be this combination again. Even though I am documenting each day, and even have plans to create something with the digital images, I come to like it the way it is.

Like yesterday, when the "door" was still white.
But now it's greenish yellow and full of texture and glitter, and it's still a door symbol. A door leading to February. And when I enter the room tomorrow, what new adventure will beckon me? What element will call out to be added? That is the joy that comes in the morning. Until then, I gaze at its form and enjoy what has become a companion of sorts.

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04/01/2016 4:01pm

This is really an amazing painting you made on canvas. The artists are always so great in their creativity and the things they analyze in a great way to convert it into their creativity. Thanks for sharing your painting here.


Your painting is really beautiful. My father is also a painter, he paints different kind of things that he wants. I am really amazed when he completes his painting because of the beautiful result. Your painting is very unique and that is your advantage to stand out. I really like it, very colorful and I can feel the emotions that you want to express in your artwork. Thank you for sharing this kind of story of yours with your readers.

04/21/2016 7:34am

This is such an awesome journey you are on! I love seeing your instagram updates, and reading about your processes and thoughts here.

08/29/2016 2:53pm

Life means something different to each of us, just as your painting means something different to each of us. In music, and in art, composition simply means the arrangement of the elements; in the case of paintings, line, color, and form. It’s a sweeping term that be applied to many things.

10/06/2016 1:04am

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