As I continue to explore life through the lens of art journaling and mixed-media techniques, my eyes have sharpened. I see things in ways that I never expected. I seek out patterns, color combinations, and fresh approaches to combining techniques that I've learned from other artist's online.

I am happiest, when I am in the midst of magazine images and colorful mark makers like Crayola crayons, Caran D'Arche Neocolor II, Portraits' Watersoluble Oil Pastels, Gelatos, acrylics or watercolors and a glue stick.

I love sharing ideas and inspiring others, so once a month I gather materials and head over to a local gallery to teach a small group of women. We journey together to discover our created selves, to express our unspoken desires and to SEE how integrating who we are and what we want makes us who we will become.

Our theme this year is "Seeing NEW!" Using various techniques and projects, we are widening our perspective. Today, we worked on accordian books, which we adapted from ideas demonstrated by Daisy Yellow. I had prepared two books before class, and had a blank one, when I arrived home.

After being in the midst of these creative ones, I wanted to play some more. I recently learned a technique from Jenniebellie's Monthly Challenge. In December, she challenged us to embrace a childhood game of making inkspots, using acrylic paints and scraps of paper.

It occured to me that the creases in my accordian book would be a perfect place to create some colorful "inkspots."
We definitely will be applying this technique to a future project in class! That was as far as I got with this book, so it will be fun to see what I add to the other side.

Here are some more photos of the books in progress.
three books from one manila folder
side one of "love" book
side two, I love the blank canvas panel with bird!
opposite side of "models" book, traced the images and then cut out and glued over security envelopes that I "harvested" from the mail


06/13/2016 7:42am

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12/14/2016 3:36am

They’re so lovely and you can sell those like a greeting card. Of all your accordion book mixed media design, I like the colorful ink spots. The splash and splats of colors is so cool. It looked very natural and stimulating. Each fold speaks of a story waiting to be told. If I were to tell a story, I think the first fold looks like two men having a face-off. And then the middle fold is like a forest with a giant tree. While the last fold looks like a butterfly or maybe my imagination is just bizarre.

08/26/2016 12:56pm

Where do you sell all this pretty things?

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