This weekend, I made my first ever collage to giveaway. I decided to make it on a 12x12 canvas. The process always intrigues me. I start out with an idea and it morphs into something, I never could have imagined.

I wanted to incorporate a bare branch, winter tree with some magazine collage. I knew I wanted to paint the edges of the canvas first. I was thinking a dark gray, but couldn't get the tube of paint open, so I grabbed a dark blue, which led to more blues and white. Here's how the backdrop developed.
Next, I gathered several images from a Real Simple magazine.
I had etched the phase, "ever follow that which is good" from a King James version scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:15. I used a dot stencil with sparkly spray ink to add a layer. The I randomly glued the above images down. (It was hard to keep them glued down on the canvas. First, I applied Elmer's glue stick to position them. Then, I smeared glossy gel medium over the top. Next, I added a copy of a tree I had collaged for the recent GOD+ART series, I did over here.

At this point, I was not liking the outcome. I had covered several of the magazine images with dark gray paint. A couple tree images and the hourglass remained. I had to walk away before I really hated it. (I was feeling pressure because I wanted this to be special for the giveaway.)

Pausing is always good. When I returned, I pulled out my Neocolor II crayons to add some highlights. I just kept working with some paint layers. Including using a piece of screen to spray sparkly green paint over whole sections. Since this was a winter tree, I used the polka dot stencil again with white paint to create "snowflakes."

I was very satisfied with the completed collage.



This is really an amazing idea to make such interesting painting. The color choices are so good and it looks so attractive. There are so many artists who know the importance of such color and they know how it will impact on the painting. Thanks for sharing this interesting painting.


This is a good abstract painting. I really value the color very much. The neon colors caught my attention and the snowflakes are truly awe-inspiring. I know you put a pile of effort on it and I commend you on that. I am very inspired to do my unfinished painting. Thanks for this great post.


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