During this self-proposed challenge of creating one collage each day for the month of October, I shouldn't be surprised that some days I would be afraid. Some mornings, I wake up full of ideas. Others I am stumped. Thus the fear of producing nothing creeps in.

A good thing about challenging myself is that I get to exercise my trust muscles. Trust in the PROCESS, in the created order of things and my own creative abilities. I can rely on the these things to lead me, when I approach a blank page or a meet a creative block.

Today, I decided to veer away from the magazine stacks, and I moved towards a pile of ephemera that gathered itself magically together, while I was "straightening" up my art studio yesterday.

a collection of tissue papers, old book page, a starburst monoprint in blue acrylic , peacock feather image and scrapbook paper and leftover letters from an old project.
I limited myself to these papers and some acrylic paints, gesso and gel medium. I thought I might create some layers with white gesso between them. For my first layer, I chose the old book page and the peacock feather printed paper. I tore them into pieces and randomly glued them down.
As I was gluing the pieces down, I noticed words in the text that resonated with my heart: forgive me, changed, accepted, love and confession. I boxed the words off with the vision in my mind of painting white gesso around them and then adding color to just the words. I wish I could explain my next choice, but I think the PROCESS made me do it.

I chose black gesso instead of white.

As I painted around each word, a little of the black would smudge into my boxed off words, so I got mad and just painted over them. But by the time I made it over to the word "confession" I slowed myself down and carefully painted around the word. I went back and tried to wipe off the black gesso on some of the other words, but it just got messier and obscured the words more. I decided the PROCESS wanted me to focus on confession.

I added another layer, using black tissue paper to add more texture. I glued the tissue paper on with matte gel medium. I still had some colorful choices left. To see where the PROCESS led me, click here to see what happened.


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