It may seem cliche, but I love picking up leaves on an autumn day to study their shape, color and texture. As I walked this morning, I gathered a few, thinking I might make them into a stamp.

The first one was a simple oval leaf with veins.
I traced the leaf onto a small leftover piece of Speedball Speedy-Cut Easy Block. Then I used a number 3 blade to carve the outline, a number 1 blade to carve the veins. And lastly, I trimmed the outside of the stamp with an exacto knife.
Speedball Speedy-Cut Easy Block and Speedball Lino Cutter
I was going to carve an oak leaf, but the leaf disappeared, so I decided to make a different kind of simple stamp using a ballpoint pen and a piece of craft foam. I drew the leaf shape on the foam, added veins and then cut aroung the image before stamping it onto an index card with black Stazon ink.
Simple, but dramatic effect. I will use these stamps in my mutli-media art journaling adventures this month. (Click here to see how I used the above leaf.)


Wow! this is outstanding I really like this because this is very simple and very beautiful stamps through we decorator our house and our cupboard and walls to make a design of this. You really do good job that you give the pattern of this that we make this amazing art.


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