I am continuing to play around with magazine collage. I found an article on creativity and the illustrations were colorful collages. I decided to take one of the pages and rip it into pieces to glue down on the page as my first layer.
this was a page from the article, I used the other side of the bird's colorful speech bubble to tear into random pieces
random scraps waiting to be glued down
glued in place
I found my oak leaf, so I traced around it in several spots with a dark purple neocolor II watercolor crayon
I colored the inside of the leaves with white crayon and then used a baby wipe to blend in some of the color.
After finishing this layer, I returned to the practice of choosing several more random images from my stash. I had fun coloring in some of the elements with my neocolor II crayons and releasing the color with baby wipes. I outlined some images and words with a black Stabilo water soluble pencil.
I was very happy with the finished page today. To read more about the "meaning" that I gleaned from it click here.


06/07/2016 6:23am

These art work that you shared in this article is really impressive I always want to make these type of attractive art peaces but never able to do make these things. So I am really happy after seeing your work and able to make a lot of art work.


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