As I challenge myself to write and collage for 31 days straight at my other blog, I have been sharing my collage process here.

So today, I started with writing a Scripture (you could also do this with a quote or by free writing whatever comes to mind). I  covered the page with various versions of the same thought. Since I was using a Wash and Sketch pencil, I washed over it with a wet brush to blur the words.

My self-appointed constraint for today was to use junk mail to find my collage images. After writing, I tore up a security envelope to glue down as a second layer, before choosing images from ads and a Cutco catalog.
After pasting them down, I washed over the pages with red and violet watercolor paint.
Once this dried, I added the collage images and then stenciled over the images with gesso.
To see the completed collage, click over here.


Very nice post in this blog you tell about your college it good and these pics are good here you tell some memory its good that you share with us the way of your telling is different to other we all know that this art is very nice and lovely.

02/14/2017 4:06pm

Mixed media is not always my favorite medium. At first I thought it was for those who are too lazy to think and concentrate on a subject that will require most discipline. I was amazed when I saw your work. I think you are someone who took years to plan and perfect your craft. You are a real artist. Thank you for sharing this pieces. I will now look at other people's mixed media twice as it is possible they have something to offer.


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