I have arrived at the half way point of my self-appointed challenge of making a collage each day. Today, my empty Kleenex box inspired me, just as I was about to put it in the recyle bin. Simple flower shapes, pleasing colors and the textured background.

Voila! My idea for today's collage was born. First I sprayed the pages with water, then smeared black distress ink on the pages. While that dried, I grabbed a scalloped circle punch. I started punching out some of the flowers with color and then some in gray and white and one blue one.

I glued the circles to the page and left them to dry.

In the meantime, I made a tree stamp with yarn and glue. (Haven't used it yet, maybe for tomorrow's collage.) I also picked up an autumn leaf on my walk, which I want to use as a color palette inspiration. 

Well, the glue finally dried on my original project. I really didn't know what to do next, so I grabbed my box of words that I had been collecting from magazines. I had these action verbs from one magazine, so they gave some uniformity to my page. I glued them down. Sprayed some red ink, used a yellow highlighter, and stamped a phrase on the page. To see how it turned out click here.

Look for ART today, it's everywhere!


12/06/2016 12:18am

Wow! very nice art I like it very much in our world the art is only one thing that like by every one not any one can deny the beauty of art. I like the leaf this is very beautiful and its color very nice its show the very beauty of art.


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