Journal Prompts

Do you like your name? Why or why not?

Write an acrostic using your name. Write a quality about yourself for each letter.

What name would you give yourself? 

When I hear my name spoken, I feel...

"Use what you have!" That's my motto for this year. I like reusing or re-purposing items I have accumulated over time. Since I started my art journaling journey a couple years ago, I notice things. I notice patterns. I ask friends and strangers for things they normally would throw away. One day I was buying a used typewriter from my friend's daughter. I saw cardboard "windows" on the coffee table. I wondered out loud if I could have them for my art projects, so they gave me some.

Today, I decided to finally use one as a stencil.

Another thing that usually happens when I create a background, I pay attention to what's already on the page. Come along and see what inspired me.

Using the "window," I placed it on my prepped dictionary page. Some of the page had illustrations of certain words. One caught my eye, so I framed it with one of the squares.

To add color to my page, I grabbed some watercolor pencils, including a sketch and wash pencil for outlining.

I like the smudged look of the sketch and wash pencil, which I used to outline each square. I like to use multiple colors so I started adding color in the ROYGBIV pattern of the rainbow. One section had plant illustrations, so I added more green squares. After I finished coloring each square with the pencils, I realized something else.

I wanted a bigger version of the bird on my page. My options were to sketch one, not my strong suit or to scan and copy, then cut and paste. I went with option two.

Before releasing the water color, I paused to go make the copy and print it out. (Tip: If you have an inkjet printer, the ink will run or smudge if it gets wet. Laser printers and copy machines use toner, so then the image won't smear when applying wet mediums like paint or a water based glue.) I have an inkjet printer, so I used what I had and was careful to keep the image as dry as possible.

To release the color, this time I just used a wet paint brush to wash over each square.

Below are the painted squares, before I added the bird. (Note about copyright: You can use magazine images and book images for personal use only. If I was making an art piece to sell, I feel I would need permission to use the bird. But since this is for my own personal journal, I feel free to use it for this purpose. Some artists keep a record of their sources to give credit where credit is due, and I recommend the practice if you think you will sell your art someday.)
You can see the water color pooling in the squares, since the gesso waterproofs the page. I just dabbed it off with a paper towel, so it would dry faster. Before I glued down the bird, I remembered I had a rubber stamp branch that I could stamp on the page. I just used regular stamping ink for this process, which does smear. (I will tell you about a permanent ink pad that makes nice crisp insoluble images another time.)

With my branch in place, I glued the bird down with a glue stick. Then outlined the bird and branch with black paint pen. Turning the black ink pad over I smudged it randomly all over the page to give it a distressed look.

For the final touch, I chose just one of the journal prompts for the day. I made my name into an acronym, and celebrated qualities about myself that I like.


What do you like about yourself?
Are you thankful for those qualities?
Celebrate YOU!


Janet Snyder
02/03/2014 9:20am

Kel, Thank you for all of the work you have put into this "28 Days of Being You" So far just in these last three days you have given us a great blend of art technique and supplies and inspirational information.

Since I am finishing up another "Art project" obligation, I have just made myself paper copies of both the journal prompts and mixed media instructions and they are going in a special notebook for me!!!

I look forward to sharing soon. Again, thank you Kel for your support and gentle guidance, Janet

Kel Rohlf
02/03/2014 11:35am

Janet- It is my pleasure to provide these prompts and art journaling techniques. I have so much joy just preparing everything. I am glad you feel the freedom to file in a special place for later use! I look forward to seeing where the adventure takes you!

05/30/2016 1:48am

Hope you will be getting success in these days that you decide to being that one. But the life is very short we should have to do lots of things in this. Otherwise we are don’t having enough time that we can think about all of them.


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