Journal Prompts

When I am weak...

When I am weary...

When I am restless...

When I rest I am ...

Here I am with more raw footage from the art studio! My inspiration for this week's pages comes from none other than a humble Kleenex box.

Part I

You'll have to bear with my clunky openings and abrupt endings on the videos, editing is not as easy as it might look! Have fun seeing the pages take shape in Part II.

Part II

I didn't want to bore you with my painting, but did like how the pages turned out. (See photo below.)
No journaling yet, but I have all these inviting spaces to add to later! What FUN!


Days of enjoyment and relished nature are celebrated and linked. The research and ground of the times are counted and ensured. It is mentioned and ascertained with the proper and admired nature. The skills of the humans in general are lesser and not up to the mark. It is effective and admired with he full forums and all orbits.


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