Journal Exercise

When we meet a new person, we often ask them about their favorites. It helps us to get to know them better. It's part of developing the relationship.

List your favorites. Start with these:

My favorite color:
My favorite place:
My favorite food:

Apply this idea to getting to know your creativity better.

My favorite artist:
My favorite art medium:
My favorite color combination:

By exploring and experimenting with various mediums and techniques, favorites emerge. While I do enjoy the soft nuances of watercolors, I tend to gravitate towards the acrylics because they are so versatile.

I like to play around with various ways to incorporate words to my art page. For today, I want to share a simple technique that is a great springboard for a variety of ways to handle lettering on a page.

First, I painted each background with acrylic craft paints. I have been drawn to purples and turquoises lately.
Next I drew some lines on each page to add the text. You could draw boxes or straight lines, but I curved my lines. Also I boxed in the bird to make it a central focus of the page.
I used a sketch pencil to create the lines, because I like the smudges that result when I write in the boxes. One of my favorite places to look for unique art supplies is the kids' section at discount stores. I found a box of alphabet stamper markers, which I used to add some fun marks to one of my pages. I colored with washable markers in the open spaces of the letters to give some interest to the text.
I used various colors for my work. Once I was done adding color, I outlined most of the words and lines with the black paint pen. For some final embellishments on the purple page, I used the stamper markers to add an overall pattern in each section of text.
On the light turquoise page, I centered a quote from one of my favorite artists, Gerhard Richter. He is a modern artist, who squeegees paint onto large canvases.
Click here for a short clip from the documentary, Gerhard Richter Painting.
"Art is the highest form of hope."
Gerhard Richter



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I am really fascinated with the word "catharsis". If you will look it up, it means anger bent inward. It refers to anger you are not warranted to express to people who seem unacceptable to receive it like a loved one, someone older or maybe a figure of authority. You end up hating yourself. While it may look like a very sad word, it also has another meaning which is cleansing of the soul thru art. Funny it's other meaning is the only cure for the tragedy brought about by its first meaning

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