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I like . . .

I hate . . .

I love . . .

If I love myself, then . . .

Let's talk about adhesives. This is the one art tool that I would consider spending a little extra money to get quality. Nothing is more frustrating than NOT having an item glue down securely.

I do not recommend using white Elmer's glue for pasting paper items to your page. It is very wet and tends to cause wrinkles. It does have it's place in the art journal, but that's for another post.

My favorite glue stick is made by UHU and it will secure light weight paper products, as well as card stock weight paper. For heavier papers, like watercolor paper or cardboard items you may want to use a gel medium, which comes in a glossy or matte finish. Gel mediums are useful for gluing things down on the page and then applying it over the whole page as a sealant. It is sort of like a fancy Modge Podge. I like the gel medium better than Modge Podge because it dries quicker and is less tacky.

For a quick and easy adhesive to keep a piece in place use double-sided tape. Then if you want to seal it in, apply a gel medium over the page to get a glossy or matte finish.
Adding images can be exciting and daunting at the same time. There is the excitement of choosing them, somewhat randomly; and the discovery of how they eventually fit together. It is daunting because I have to trust that I'll know where to place them and which ones to keep and the ones to set aside. This is where intuition plays its role. I am learning to trust myself and to enjoy the surprises that happen on the page.

Fodder Choices
I did not use everything, but I was drawn to the bird and the letter "a", so they became prominent. There was a postcard from the Girl Scouts that I ended up cutting out individual images from. I liked the style of doodle art and lettering, which I want to try to incorporate into the journaling aspect of the finished page. The word "finisher" was also strong; it came from the Hot Chocolate 5K that I ran in December. I added 5K and my group letter "J" to the page. The peace sign was nearby, so later I moved it closer to the "J" to use as an "O" and then wrote in the "Y." JOY!

Upon reflection, I had two main insights. One, many of the things I chose to use came from special events that I had participated in, like the 5K run and going to a Arts and Craft show with my mom. (I glued a parking stub from the garage we parked in under the "A," which is not as visible, but I know it's there, so it's significant to me.) The other big moment was that I discovered that I am a finisher! (I have my doubts sometimes with so many unfinished projects.) I finished the 5K! It brings me joy to finish, but I also have the freedom to not finish everything.
Finished (For Now)
I noticed that I have used a bird image on three of my pages. When a repeated image or word occurs in my journal, I take note. It can become another prompt. Later, I can spend some time writing about why I'm drawn to birds as symbolism.

For now, I am finished with this post.

Go have fun! And BE YOU!


Your page is very interesting and full with art I think you like the art and you also a artist that you make this type very beautiful art piece and this piece is a very different this bird that you make is looking very beautiful and the color theme that you use is awesome.

02/19/2017 7:53pm

This reminds me of art projects we do in school. I also do not like using elmer's glue on paper. I only use it when I want to re-create a glasslike image because it becomes transparent when dried. If I want anything to look flat, tape is the best choice. Thank you for suggesting double sided tape. I never thought about that before.


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