Journal Prompts

I feel . . .

I don't feel . . .

When I try to forget my feelings, I . . .

Make a list of disappointments.

Make a list of good breaks that turned your life around.

Hello again! How are you feeling about the adventure so far? I am having fun and trying new things! I made my first ever YouTube video tutorial. I "filmed" today's pages in two episodes. Enjoy!

In the first video, I talk about stamping and applying acrylic paints in various ways.

The second video is a short piece about adding lettering to your page.
I hope you enjoy these videos and feel free to share them with friends. I will be attempting to use more of these for future technique posts. I hope to improve the process as I go!

Have fun being YOU!


02/07/2014 8:13am

Kel - Really enjoyed the videos. Your technique of adding comments after taping made it all the more enjoyable. Learning a lot as I follow along and really being inspired. I like this way of art journaling - self-paced, join-in as you can. It leaves all kind of room for inspiration to take hold. So glad you are sharing what you have learned with us. You bless me!


Thanks for sharing about your new activities and about your YouTube tutorial. There are a lot of ideas we can deal with while having our own tutorials. It also helps us to get the reviews from the people about what we shared.


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