"Overcome fear;
behold wonder."
(Richard Bach)

Journal Prompt

Fill in the blanks! Do this more than once, if you like.

Overcome _________; behold __________.

Last week, we talked about overcoming fears. It was liberating to just rip up pieces of paper and randomly paste them on the page. I liked the outcome. I discovered a theme. I let the pages sit overnight, then returned to them.

Layering in an art journal brings depth and texture to the page. However, I find it difficult to add the next layer, especially when I liked what I just finished. To overcome the "fear" of covering up the first layer, I remind myself that the layer is still there. The insights didn't go away. I can recall them in my mind, knowing that they have spoken into my next attempt to add dimension to the current page.

I chose a stencil to add an overall pattern to each page. On one side I sprayed some diluted paint over the stencil. On the opposite side, I chose some acrylic paints in colors that were on my art table. I just poured a little on the page and then rolled it out over the stencil. I picked another color and repeated until the page was covered in three different colors.
At this point the stencil had paint on it and the brayer had leftover paint. I like to use up as much paint as I can. I keep a scrap paper or another art journal nearby to paint off the excess. I turned the painted side of the stencil onto the scrap paper and then used the brayer to press it down. Here's the result:
It's now a piece of paper that I can incorporate into the art journal, if I so desire.

The journal prompt that I shared today, was one that I had recently completed in another journaling project. (This project was offered by Lisa in January 2014 and now she is offering a new 30 Day Project in August. Click here if you want to join now.)

I was thinking about what to add to my background, so I pulled out the other journal to scan and print a copy of the page.

If you like something, why not use it again?

After I made the copy, I cut around the text that made up my response.

(Tip: If you are hesitant to journal directly on your art journal page, write your response in a plain notebook or on a scrap paper. Then you can paste it or rewrite it onto the art page.)

This particular response really spoke to me, so I also typed it up and incorporated it on the second page. Once I glued those items in, I just started doodling around them with my black paint pen. It was looking a little bland, so I added more color using water soluble crayons and acrylic paints. I incorporated colors from the copied journal page.

(Tip: Keep a paper towel nearby to soak up or wipe off excess paint.)

If you recall, I was going to use the phrase: "weaving through the ages" from yesterday. I ripped out a piece of the patterned paper, which I made earlier to add the word "fear," creating a new phrase: "Weaving through FEAR!"

Here's the page, finished for now.
There is room, if I want to come back for more journaling or embellishment. That's the cool thing about an art page, you can always come back and enjoy it again, just to look at it or if you are so inclined make more marks on it.

As you can see the original background layer has mostly disappeared, but I know what's there. And now I have new images, colors and text to enjoy. Did anyone notice who showed up? Another bird!

Overcome doubt; behold joy.
Overcome fear; behold courage.
Overcome loss; behold release.
Overcome lack; behold contentment.
Overcome insecurity; behold RISK!


05/24/2016 2:28pm

I like these types of his creativity activities that are a good thing for a boring time pass and you got many things to learning while making these types of drawings. I like your work. As you describe this, this is looking easy.


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