We've made it to the halfway point of our adventure!

Journal Prompts

I am...

I am not...

If I give up, I will lose...

If I don't give up, I will gain...

For me permission to rest is huge. I often find myself TRYING TOO HARD. I am learning to relax. Making art journal pages gives me time and space to take a break from the rush and stress of everyday life. It helps me move away from weariness and see the abundance around me and in me.

I had fun making this video, where I'm just using what I have and being myself in the art studio. No new techniques, just enjoying the process. I wish you rest. Enjoy your process!

Choosing Random Ephemera

I was going to post a second video showing the selection and pasting process, but it was too long. (I would like to learn how to speed up the film and add music, but not there yet.)

Below is the pasted down ephemera. I am excited about adding another layer tomorrow. I see patterns to doodle and my frog has a potential crown, which came from the bottom of the bee tag. One of those serendipitous happenings. Quite the picture of royal relaxation!


04/25/2016 1:34am

Love the way you described, I watched it three times, I learnt that skill and applying it very soon. For the art people this thing is must, thanks for letting us know about you unique talent.


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I love keeping those arcade tickets sometimes too. The tag that came with the jewelry you bought looks incredible. I love the texture and the bee stamp on it. The jewelry you bought looks like a quality made product just based on the tag alone. I keep chocolate wrappers as well, especially those with the special kind of wrappers that come out during the holidays but I do not keep the foils as sometimes there are a lot of chocolate stains on it and cleaning it will just ruin the foil. I enjoyed watching your video. You really have an interesting mix of things you can use for your journal.


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