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List your accomplishments.

List your resources.

List your questions about the future.

Make up your own categories to make a list about.
I returned to my work after a day or so. My frog prince was waiting patiently for me to add some pizzazz to these pages. The sparkling gold foil from my chocolate bar and the glittery eyes of my "prince of royal relaxation" caused me to grab a sparkly spray paint and a floral stencil.
After I sprayed the stencil, I flipped it over on the opposite page to add some of the color and negative image to that side. (I usually have some paper under my project, so that took on some of the design, too. I can see saving it for a future page.) The glitter in the paint was subtle, so I decided to get sparkle happy. I pulled out my glitter stash.
Did you know that glitter came in so many forms? You can find really fine glitter, shards of glitter, glitter in glue, glitter in paint, and the flakes of glitter we used in childhood.
I added some yellow glitter paint to the frog's crown. Then I remembered I had the wildflower stamp that I wanted to use along the bottom of the page. I chose eggplant purple chalk ink for the stamping. (Later in the process, I forgot two things, the acrylic spray paint and the chalk ink are water soluble. So when I added paint or wiped off excess paint with a baby wipe, I lost some of the images. Not a huge loss, but I learned to keep that in mind next time.)

Next stop, purple, metallic purple and antique gold paints to fill out the page.

Well, these pages certainly surprised me...I thought they would be all subdued and quiet, since I was going with a rest theme.

Apparently the kind of rest I long for is sparkly and bold!
I used a Sharpie poster paint pen in gold for the outlines. I really do like how this turned out, especially my "prince of royal relaxation." He makes me smile.
What does REST look like for you?


creativity speaks itself, after returning from office I tried couple of things like that , drawing different imaginations that is going on in my mind.

02/07/2017 3:13pm

Those eyes look so alive. It's really beautiful. You inspire me to come up with something on my own. I normally enter bookstores and souvenir shops admiring other people's artwork. It never occur to me that it can be done by an ordinary person like me. I am not saying you are ordinary, but your work is extra ordinary for a random person. It really is amazing.


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