Gluing things down quickly and randomly brings me such joy. I haven't had much time to collage, but this week an old-fashioned cold decided to visit me, so I'm hunkered down in my comfy chair with a box of magazine images, a glue stick, a journal, some watercolors and a couple water soluble pencils. I have been expirementing with Journal Spilling as directed by Diana Trout.
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Diana flings around phrases like: "choose a random  journal page", "quickly now", "randomly choose a color", "scribble words",  and say "I don't care what this looks like" in order to promote freedom of expression.

Sometimes I get bogged down trying to imitate another artist's technique. Not so with Diana's approach. She cheers you on and gives you permission to "Take pride in messy, murky process pages."

She says: "This is step one in letting go." I need that step and whenever I just jump in, amazing things do find their way on to my page.

Here are some process pages that I made this week, while nursing my cold.

In this process, Diana encourages you to choose only seven to ten images. The two page spread below really surprised me. I didn't try to arrange the images (too much).

I let them fall onto the page and then I glued them in. After gluing, I chose one color to wash over the whole layout. Then some words popped into my head and I wrote them on the page. Be. Resting. Path. Course. Way. Love. Joy. Peace.
I scribbled some marks around the page and added some yellow to accent the orange wash.

For the next two page spread, I quickly scanned a magazine to cull out 7-10 images and some words. I limited myself to one magazine, otherwise I would have spent all evening ripping out pages. (It's one of my favorite things besides rip out words and pictures for future use.)

As I placed my treasures on the page, a vertical layout presented itself. I didn't paint until the following day, and I highlighted words with a gold paint pen.
I hope you'll try this random, fun, quick way to get some inspiration into your soul! I'm off to do some more, just because...I can.


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