Starting afresh. A new month is like a vast adventure for me. I just returned from vacation where I toted my art supplies to the beach. The cabana next to our beach cottage became my art studio. I woke before everyone else rose from their slumber to capture my created self on paper before our day started. I found an area map that I used as a canvas, adding bits and pieces from my stash and the fodder I snatched before it hit the garbage can, like a wrapper from my sub sandwich and tags from clothes and beach stuff we purchased during the week.
vacation outdoor art studio!
work drying in the sun on the fish netting
fun dip wrapper, smiles fruit snack bag and the disciples hauling in fish
One of my favorite ways of getting the creative juices flowing has been making these inspiration journals out of everyday paper ephemera with glue and paint. (I learned the technique through Jennibellie's Inspiration Station online class.

Here's how the two journals from vacation are coming along:
Here's a lineup of the mini-journals I've started so far. They are so fun because I can keep adding embellishments or little hidden tags and other writing and doodles inside with permanent markers.


12/23/2016 11:15am

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02/13/2017 2:30am

It's good that you utilized your vacation to do more artworks. I really admire your resourcefulness. You turned things you don't use anymore into something that is beautiful and attractive. I wish I had the skills like you have. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon!


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