Last weekend, I discovered Christine Hiester's art journaling work at bare branch blooming. This post (here) inspired me to try her technique this week.

I gathered an Elle magazine, an old book about explorers, scissors, a Stabilo water soluble pencil and a new travel sized box of acrylics. In my garden, I cut out a few possible poses for the silhouette art.
I traced each one with the Stabilo black pencil. In Christine's tutorial, she uses a wet paint brush to release the pencil onto the page. My brush had some acyrlic paint left in it and so I decided to fill in the silhouette with my blue-green colors.
I really loved doing these. I added some detail because just the outline of the shape was too flat, except for the side view, which was the easiest to do. I enjoyed the movement and mood of the other three better. What a wonderful way to add interest to my art journal pages, without having to rely on my limited drawing skills.

A few of these have already found their way into my journal pages.
close up view : potential found poetry source
probably my favorite one
one I did later with just the pencil and water, a side by side view, notice I used the magazine image on a journal cover, but not sure yet where silhouette will go.


05/18/2016 4:19pm

I saw this type of art before seeing this post but I don’t know the name of this type of art. This is also very classical art which is having the unique colors of art. I like this way for representing your thoughts by using this.

06/09/2016 9:28am

I love your art)

09/24/2016 7:18am

Wow, it's a great idea! You are so creative! I like this artwork so much!

12/29/2016 6:33am

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