Journal Prompts

My wisdom comes from . . .

Wisdom has taught me to . . .

My special light . . .

I am gifted in . .

Art opens our eyes to new possibilities and potential uses for everyday objects and "trash" items. I will use some of these items to create today's pages.

I love the lines of the container I saved from Wendy's. I noticed today that I could use either side, creating both a positive and a negative print. I tried it with a Staz-on ink, first.

As with any technique, it can be a trial and error effort. The raised side made squiggly thin lines, while the indented side made fat wavy outlines. The ink didn't take as well as I had hoped, so next I tried acrylic craft paint which has some fluidity to it.

Definitely more distinct patten. I did not try the raised side, as I like the created negative space, where I imagine I will add another layer by painting the page with an overall wash. I used the brayer to spread paint onto the stamping surface. I have found that the design also gets imprinted onto the roller sometimes. It left a cool print, when I rolled the excess paint onto the opposite page.
You can see the slightest impression of the waves in the middle of the page. Next, I added a new color and tried out some other shapes. Most of the time I use my rubber stamps with various ink pads, but it is fun to use them with acrylic paints, as the paint does wash off. To apply paint to the stamp, spread the acrylic paint out on the palette. Dab the stamp in the paint. You can stamp a couple images before reapplying more paint. If you feel like there's too much paint on the stamp, stamp some off onto a scrap paper.

The next photo shows the result of the stamp and some marks I made by rolling the whisk around on the page.
I chose a couple of the caps in my collection, to add some more dimension to the page. As I dipped the open edges in the paint, I realized I could also dab paint on the opposite end to make more marks. I like how the combination created "eyes" in the middle of my rounded squares.
When I finish, I hand wash all these objects with warm water and soap to keep them ready for the next time.

Since I'm not sure what to do next, I will set these pages aside for now. I can add more layers and journaling another time. (Plus I need to let the paint dry between layers. Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but you can speed up the drying process with an old hair dryer.)
". . . we have discovered an art form completely devoid of rules and absolutely brimming with possibilities." (Lynn Perrella)


05/11/2016 2:05pm

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08/02/2017 4:51am

When I first looked at the photo on the top of this blog post I thought that you were going to bake something. You are definitely resourceful with all the things you are using for your journal. The wavy lines and the whisk pattern turned very well! I also love the colors that you're used for this project. I especially love the blue paint that you used. I hope you can post pictures of the pages when they are finally used in your journal. It will definitely make that journal entry look vibrant and exciting.


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