Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. (Will Rogers)
The past few weeks, I actually chose to slow down. I took 28 days to nurture my writing self through the Making Manifest book club. I wrote daily and produced four poems. I continued to spend time playing with my art supplies. Created an Inspiration Station and a couple mini journals courtesy of Jennibellie's FREE online classes.

As June opens up, I am excited to share my created self with my nieces and nephews who live around the block and spend some down time with some of my girlfriends at the pool! Did I mention that I love SUMMER?!

Summer is a time where I don't have to rush anywhere. The pace slows down and the sun brightens most days and the occasional thunderstorm thrills my soul.
As spring melds over into summer, I am going to be revisiting the 28 Days of Being YOU journey at a more leisurely pace... come back on June 9th to embrace your created self through art and journaling with 28 WEEKS of Being YOU!

For now enjoy some postcard art, cute little inspiration journals and my last poem from Making Manifest with Sandra and David.

from Eunice in Sheffield, UK
the back of Eunice's postcard and her envelope
from @travel_thoughts in NY, NY. . . the Will Rogers quote was on the back of this postcard
Here are some shots of two little journals I made after watching Jennibellie's tutorial at her new workshop site: http://journalworkshops.ning.com/

These little booklets were made from one large sheet folded into eight sections. The first one is titled "lost glasses" and the second one starts with "joy". Very fun way to get your creative juices flowing.

And here's the last poem from Making Manifest.  We were challenged to convey an abstract idea with a concrete item.

My Offering

I empty my pockets--

a crumpled letter of frustration
a tangled string of bitterness
several coins of regret
a forgotten pebble of resentment
a moldy core of anger

collected griefs
placed on the

I skip off released.



05/25/2016 2:04pm

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