During the second week of working through Making Manifest, the process started and sputtered like an old car. I poked memories that lie dormant for decades. I bravely returned to a few, like that first kiss to see what really happened. The word "potential" surfaced over and over, as I worked at unearthing the words that matter to me, that mean something to me.

I found myself daydreaming about others comments and their assessment of my writing--my offering of my memories. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be applauded. Yet when I defaulted into performer mode, where I must have an audience, my writing stalled.

Writing is seed. A seed buried in me from early on. I loved spelling, grammar, and vocabulary lists. And even now, the potential drives me to keep company with words. It is necessary for me to thrive, audience or not.

And now, the poem:


A desire that intrigues like a
femme fatale.

A dream that startles like an
unexpected kiss.

A hope that soars like an
well handled kite.

A need that sparks an

A wilderness that
beckons . . .

Linking with the lovely, Sandra Heska King, and the company of other beautiful "poemias" at her blog.


05/15/2014 10:46am

Kel - first, I love the idea of a souldare and enjoyed reading more about your journey on your about page. Second, I could really relate to feeling the need for the approval of others and the way it steals our potential. I'm currently in process of trying to throw that desire straight out the window, because I long to enter the "wilderness that beckons." So many wonderful thoughts here. :)

Kel Rohlf
05/23/2014 9:19am

Thanks Tarissa! It's great to know we are not alone in our struggles...I am embracing who I was created to be...and like that you call your struggle a process because I think that old rat, approval will be knocking on our hearts at various points along the way. Let's stand firm together!

05/15/2014 11:21am

You are so brave and honest, Kel! Your definition of potential "capable of becoming real" really captured me. Isn't that what the Skin Horse wanted to be in The Velveteen Rabbit? And the only way he did that was by letting himself be loved....to life. What a lovely community to be in and read and watch from the sidelines as God moves in each of your words!

Kel Rohlf
05/23/2014 9:21am

Yes! Being loved to life! I love the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and his wise advisor the Skin Horse! Thanks for witnessing life with me as we journey through writing and exposing our hearts in words! God is on the move!

05/16/2014 2:31pm

that last stanza in your poem caught me because there is wilderness in our potential...the hidden mystery of it ...that we won't know unless we try and we let go of worrying what other people think of us...I posted my "poem" on the FB page...more chicken scratches than thought out poem, from this morning before I chickened out....Thanks for being brave and sharing.

Kel Rohlf
05/23/2014 9:23am

Dolly- The wilderness can sometimes be daunting and scary...but it's worth exploring because God is with us in it! And he has much to reveal like wondrous burning bushes and manna from heaven and parting of seas and shoes that never wear out and much mercy and grace, even as I grumble and complain each day...I will go look for you poem on FB...chicken scratches sounds poetic to me!

05/16/2014 3:03pm

Oh, nice!! You didn't struggle with those similes at all - each one is grand. Femme fatale/kiss/kite/expedition/wilderness. Each one an invitation to step of the cliff, right? Thanks for this.

Diana Trautwein
05/23/2014 9:26am

Diana- I love playing with words... similes are like a playground for me :)
Thanks for reading!

06/25/2014 10:36pm

What a joy to read your poems from Making Manifest! I am just finishing up week two by myself, but all of a sudden, I feel as if I have someone on the journey with me. Your visual art is inspiring me as well, to get my fingers a little dirty.

05/12/2016 4:30am

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