Slowly, I gather the mail. Over the past week, three more DIY postcards arrived from all over the world.
DIY Postcard #3 is from Chris who blogs at parabolicmuse. I love the colors and the found poetry. The flow of this card makes me want to turn it like a steering wheel back and forth to see the various perspectives. I am intrigued by the phrase "familiar car." I feel prompted to free write about the phrase in my journal. I lost the envelope in my stacks, so I can't remember where it travelled from within the USA.
DIY Postcard #4 arrived all the way from the Netherlands from Randy! Click here to read and see more about her process in creating this card. I love the cloud and watercolor rain streaks watering the black flora and fauna.
DIY Postcard #5 arrived the other day from some place in the USA. I couldn't discern from the postmark where this whimsical card flew in from. I like how Cindy uses gray tones to contrast with the bright pink, green and orange trio. I love circles, how did she know?

Thank you one and all for sending some artsy sunshine into my world!


05/06/2016 4:33am

Collecting postcards is my favourite leisure time activity. I am collecting these DIY postcards from all over the world. Your card is design with colorful scheme. I like to appreciate your work.

03/23/2017 1:34am

Wow! This postcard is very unique among the other postcard that I've seen. Very creative and a lot of colors that this card have. For sure every single one of them have deep meaning that can inspire us. I really love the design and the colors. How I wish that I could have just one card. I will keep it and maintain the actual card.


Wow! Very cool DIY postcards! Where can I get them?


Awesome post, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

11/23/2016 1:19am

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01/24/2017 12:26am

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Very positive postcards! They can make any bad mood better ;)

04/15/2017 8:56am

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