I signed up about a month ago, and now the time has arrived. The iHanna DIY Postcard Swap has begun. Ten painted post cards were handed over to my post office here in middle America to be scattered to the ends of the earth. Little did I realize at the same time I was sending, two postcards for me would arrive in the mail this afternoon. One in a enveloped sealed with groovy tape and one sans envelope.
Hand-cancelled from Nesconset, NY with pretty butterfly stamp and groovy tape.
The postcard inside was from a first timer, like me. Thanks Natalie! I love the quote:

"The secret of being happy...care...less."  (Rev Ron)
Love the texture and the fun bug with wings!
The second one hails from Marge in Ohio. On the back she sent me a quote and her blog address. Her inspirational quote:

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." (Howard Thurman)

Wow, Marge, this resonates with me. I am on a quest of encouraging myself and others to Be YOURSELF! Come alive! Yes, that's what the world needs. People living out the beauty of their very own created selves! Thanks!
Love the layers and pops of color!
Click here to see the other cards that Marge created.

As more arrive, I will post them. And later this week, I will post the cards that I created and sent on their way to deliver some sunshine and joy to others.

iHanna is our gracious host for the swap. Check out the link-up where you can see all the postcard art that has been sent out with love.


05/03/2016 1:30pm

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I am a recent member of the club and most recently attended my first Postcard Show at the Japanese Cultural Center. I had a great time, and came out with a lot of cards for my collection, new contacts, some great stories and stiff neck. I collect Toronto RPPC, Toronto Photographs and ephemera pre 1960. However I am also looking for help in locating post cards produced in Romania from 1960-1980 by a photographer by the name of Tibor Lowy. I have recently been collecting postcards.

07/20/2016 9:25am

This is a great article, Thanks for giving me this information. Keep posting.

08/09/2016 2:48am

Well I don't have enough time to handcraft anything like these but I surely do get printed postcards each holiday to give to my huge chain of relatives.

01/28/2017 6:28pm

They are stunningly beautiful! I love how you created this things. How I wish I can get my own iHanna DIY Postcard Swap too. DIY is my thing, and I love to try this postcards. Thank you for sharing your link. I will surely visit it everyday.


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